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Testing SAP, whether manual or automated, is a gigantic and burdensome task. The coordination and preparation alone require a team of knowledgeable and dedicated people. Add to this the development of automated test scripts and management of test data/environment and the task becomes even more complex.

There are different types of testing required for the different stages of development, integration and usage of SAP. There are testing tools that specifically cater to the needs of a particular type of testing. For example, when stress and high volume testing is required, many tools cater to this need and provide detailed system usage statistics. Another example is when ongoing modifications occur which may affect functionality, tools are used to monitor (configured to test periodically) which can report or alert of any changes.

Whatever the reason for testing, SAP has certified several software packages that test SAP, which can be viewed on the Test Tools Page on the SAP website. Select Test Tools in the Software Partner Directory.

SAP provides an Automated Test Tools Interface (BC-ATT) which combines SAPGUI with MERLIN/GUILIB (Desktop Developer Kit interface). This allows testing tool applications to communicate directly with the R/3 application server. For recording and displayed playback, some testing tools recreate the SAPGUI and do not use the actual SAPGUI as installed on the machine which is performing testing. Check with the requirements of your testing efforts and the method the testing tool records and plays back.

Current Testing Tool Partners

AutoTester (AutoController)
AutoTester (AutoTester/Client Server for SAP R/3)
Compuware (QALoad)
Compuware (QARun)
Mercury Interactive (LoadRunner for  R/3)
Mercury Interactive (WinRunner for R/3)
Rational Software (Rational Test ERP Extension I)


Ixos - SAP testing products from ixos.

SAP CSP page - SAP official automated testing tools CSP page.

Software testing page - at - Listings and links to testing companies and their packages

SQA-test - Here is a listing of testing tools available.








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