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Educational Sites


Educational Sites


PhotoHighway - Educational and informative site.

Photoworkshop.com - Interactive workshop

Web Photo School - Offers lessons from beginner to advanced levels.




Brooks Institute - Geared for individuals training for a careeer in photography or filmmaking, this California school also offers smaller workshops for professionals and High School students.

Maine Photographic Workshops - Over 200 one week photography programs.

New York Institute of Photography - Distance education school offering courses in various photography styles.

Nikon School - Classes taught by Nikon instructors and professional photographers which focus on photography fundamentals and advanced topics.

Palm Beach Photography Centre - Non-profit visual arts organization offering workshops and community programs in Florida.

Rocky Mountain School of Photography - Offers courses and workshops in various US states as well as other countries. Also has intensive career programs.

Santa Fe Workshops - Over 130 workshops offered in New Mexico.

Tuscany Workshops - 2 week intensive workshops held in Italy.







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