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Invisible Keywords

Here is a technique which when used properly can dramatically increase the relevancy percentage used by search engines to put you at the top of their list. Go to the bottom of your web page and perform a few carriage returns until you can no longer see the last line of text in your browser. Using the smallest type size on your browser type your list of keywords. Then select the keywords and change the font color to the same color as your background. This will make them invisible to the reader but not to the search engines.

Be careful not to overdo the number of keywords you put at the bottom of your document. In order to prevent abuse some search engines will reject keywords if repeated too many times. It is probably best not to repeat them more than five times.

Hide keywords in Images in your document

Images are a great place to hide keywords in your document. When you insert an image in your document you have the option of adding text that will show if the image isn't displayed. In some web tools this is called an alternate.

The actual HTML code is as follows:
<IMG SCR="yourgraphic.gif" HEIGHT=30 WIDTH=60 ALT="describe your graphic and then list your keywords">

Hide Keywords in Comments

Programmers use comments to add remarks about the code. Comments are invisible and sit behind the page. They can only be read by reading the source code. But search engines can read them! A comment is placed in between <! >. For example <!rich money prosperity gold wealth>.


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KeyWordCount - Analyze keyword frequencies including tags for a specific URL. (**)

Word Tracker - Find out what the heavily searched keywords are.








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