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Here are some tips to help affiliates increase traffic and sales. Remember that signing up for an affiliate program is just the beginning, you still need to promote, attract

Promote and Increase Traffic

  • Submit your site to as many search engines as possible. Since search engines are by the most popular way people find sites on the internet, the more search engines you submit to, the better chance your site will have of appearing in results. For links to submit your site directly to search engines go to the search engine submission page.
  • There are many tools that help or even perform the submission to search engines for you. Some services are free and some have a fee. Some will regularly resubmit your site and provide ranking lists. For a listing of these companies go to the search engine submission page.
  • Use keywords and META tags in the HEAD section(s) of your website. This will increase the potential of people seeing your site in search engines. See the MetaTags and Keywords pages.
  • Join banner exchange programs, where you can place a banner promoting your site on a number of other sites within the program, in exchange for running an ad banner for other members on your site. For a listing of banner exchange programs go to the Web Promotion page.
  • After your site has been promoted, track the number of page views, what domain and region your page views are coming from. To find a list of sites offering tracking, stats and analysis, go to the Web Promotion page.
  • For listings of website promotion tips and services go to the Web Promotion page.
  • Azpire.com is building a FFA page where you can post to FFA's and learn which ones really work. To see a glimpse of what is coming click here.

Increase Sales

  • Enter affiliations with merchants that are realted to the content of your site. If you have a site about computers, it does not make sense to link to a site about recipes. How close your content is related to the merchant, is how more products will sell.
  • Incorporate product reviews and/or recommendations in your site. Visitors to your site will take the time to read them and trust your site as they see that your site does more than just list products.
  • Rotate or update product links on your site frequently to maintain interest and repeat visits from users. By integrating dynamic content on your page, your visitors will keep checking back to see what's new on your site.









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