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The following is a listing of companies who have direct affiliate programs. There is no network between you and these companies. Check back frequently for additions and ratings.


Ah-ha.com - Join the Ah-ha LogoLink Affiliate Program affiliate program!

Amazon.com - Find out about the Associate Program at Amazon.com. (15%) (****)

Art.com - World's largest art supergallery.

Barnes and Noble - Link to any category or specific title. (****)

Commission Junction - Online network of affiliate programs. Hosts 30+ companies with affiliate prgrams under one roof.

GoTo.com -

HeadHunter.com - Online job posting and searching service. Large database.

Travelocity.com - If you own and publish a web site, become an affiliate of Travelocity, the Web's leading travel site. The one-stop travel shop for the cyber traveler, Travelocity provides access to the most bookable travel content on the Web.

Treeway - Offer free and easy websites to your visitors.

Offer free homepages!








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