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These are the sites that group together and categorize affiliate programs. All you have to do is set up an account with them and get the links that you want. Some sites or affiliate programs within these sites have criteria for joining their program, such as minimum traffic or click thrus. Visit these sites and decide which programs are best suited for you or your site.


AllClicks - Pay per click program. Allows some blind links. (**)

Associatecash.com -

associate-it.com -

Bach Systems - Generate leads, provide surveys, give away products and services in exchange for revenue. (***)

BeFree -

BizBot - Affiliate program of the online business directory.

cashpile.com -

Click Agents - Over 2500 network affiliates. Must have 3,000 pageviews monthly. (***)

ClickXchange -

Commission Junction - Pay for performance affilate marketer with over 5,000 affiliate programs. (****)

CyberBounty - (**)

Direct Leads - Funded by internet.com, has banner rotation tool, money making resources and more. 4,000 programs and 3,000 monthly pageviews required. (***)

*eAds - Good network of major companies with affiliate programs. Payout is at $10.00. Nice site. (****)

Inter-Linked - (*)

Internet Banner Network - Place your ads in the network or become a member where IBN will manage the ads displayed and associated payouts on your site. Restrictions apply. (***)

LinkExchange - Directory from MSN organized by category. (***)

LinkShare - Over 350 merchants. Sells software to merchants to sell products and merchandise over the internet. (***)

*NarrowCast Media - Network of several very large websites in this affiliate program. (***)

Nexchange -

* PennyWeb - Some click throughs pay up to 25 cents. Sites listed in categories. (***)

PlugInGo - (**)

ShareSale - Somewhat new and growing

sitecash.com -

ValueClick - Click through affiliate network. Partly owned by DoubleClick(***)

WebSponsors - Must have considerable traffic. Payouts are high. (***)

zMedia - Tiered affiliate program.








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