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Expert's Diet Plan

GHF's Get Motivated for Life! Success System

eHealthstores - Lose weight with Atkins and other products. - The Ultimate Program to Extend Life

Global Health & Fitness - 5 customized exercise and nutrition plans that help web users achieve their fitness goals. Members also receive a year's worth of personalized fitness consulting, exercise programs, healthy recipes and meal plans, on-line books and videos, fitness tracking software, and much more. (****)

Nutrisystem - Lose weight through this prepared food program and track your results online. (***)

Origins - Take a stress test or a sleep quiz, learn about the benefits of reflexology, or take a mental vacation with the aid of a Buddhist Mandala Ring as well as browse through a large selection of Origins products. (***)

Personal Dietician -

Shape Up America! - Safe weight management and physical fitness programs for one and all.

Stress Management Research Associates - Written and recorded materials on stress management from Dr. Ed Charlesworth.

Tai Chi for Busy People - Video teaches how just five minutes of slow, meditative movement and deep breathing can make a difference in business, in relationships, in any sport or martial art, in physical and mental strength and flexibility, and can help a huge number of people dealing with the various disease processes listed on the home page.

Worldguide: Strength Training Exercises - Photos and text describe various techniques to gain more strength throughout your body.







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