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100hot Finance - 100 of the most popular finance sites are listed here. By Hot100. (***)

AltaVista Finance - Quotes, news, research, charts and more. (****)

BankRate.com - Check the current rates for loans, investments, credit cards and more.

ConsumerInfo.com - Information for financial health.

Faulkner & Gray - Research and information available on CD-ROM or book about all aspects of the finance industry.

InvestorGuide - News, links, research and more. (****)

InvestorLinks - Directory of financial sites in different categories. (****)

InvestorWords - Definitions of over 4,000 financial terms. Resources and links as well. (****)

Money.com - Based on Money magazine this site offers news, financial strategies, investment guides, mareket analysis and more. (****)

MSN MoneyCentral - Provides powerful tools and valuable information to help people track their investments, manage their money, understand taxes and research insurance.

Quicken - Investment guides, tools, retirement planner, mortgage and insurance guides. (****)

YouDecide - Research and compare financial services over the internet.


CyberSettle - Online claim resolution system. Settle insurance, personal injury, property damage and other  disputes conveniently and efficiently.

OneCore - Business banking services - cash management, bill payment, payroll services, 401k and more.







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