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Terms and Conditions

Azpire.com is currently looking for advertisers, products and services to be listed in this website. Products and services, at this time, may be listed for FREE at azpire.com, providing the ads and what the ads represent are not of a malicious, violent or sexual nature; and provide a service or product to the general public via the internet. Ad size is limited to specific sizes or text only, depending on it's content and how azpire.com sees the ad in relation to other content in the same category.

Azpire.com is looking for recripocal advertisers and affiliate programs. Azpire.com will seek to grow and help others to grow. Azpire.com welcomes and encourages businesses to set up a reciprocal ad program with any respectable website and hopes azpire.com will be one of their choices. The bottom line anywhere is to make money, and affiliate programs offer that to all parties involved in the program. Azpire.com is interested in affiliate programs and wants others to be part of the growth at azpire.com. If you are interested in how affiliate  programs work or want to be part of an affiliate program, click here.

If you are interested in listing your product or service at azpire.com, have a reciprocal ad program or affiliate program, please send inquiries to advertising@azpire.com


Terms and Conditions


The following are general terms and conditions governing advertising placed within Azpire.com, which is owned and operated by  Azpire, Inc.

Rates published herein are current until otherwise noted. Announcements of any change in rates will sent directly to advertisers 30 days  prior to the change taking effect.

Azpire.com is not responsible for errors or omissions in any advertising materials provided by the advertiser or its agency.

Azpire.com shall not be subject to any liability whatsoever for any failure to provide reference or access to all or any part of the advertising due to systems failures or other technological failures involving  Azpire.com or the Internet.

No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on contracts, insertion orders, order blanks or instructions which conflict with the provisions of this rate card will be binding on  Azpire.com. Except as otherwise specifically agreed to by Azpire.com and the advertiser, all advertising positioning/placement clauses or conditions will be treated as requests only and cannot be guaranteed.

To earn frequency rates, a signed contract or order must be received and accepted by the publisher within six months of the first insertion and advertising must be inserted within one year from the effective date of  such contract or order.

If an advertising contract or order is exceeded or not fulfilled in any way, the rate charged will be adjusted within thirty days after the termination of the contract period to the rate  earned. Nonpayment of invoices may result in the termination of an advertising contract and a corresponding adjustment in rate(s) charged.

Only publication of an advertisement shall constitute acceptance of the  advertiser's order. The publisher shall in no event be liable for failure to publish advertising when specified by the advertiser, provided that, if no advertising is published, any charges therefore received by the publisher, shall be refunded.

Advertising agencies are responsible for payment of all advertising ordered on behalf of their clients, unless otherwise indicated in writing to Azpire.com. Azpire.com reserves the  right to hold the agency and the advertiser jointly and severally liable for all such payments.

Unless otherwise agreed by Azpire.com and the advertiser, Azpire.com shall have the  right to insert the advertising in various areas of Azpire.com from time to time in its discretion.

Advertiser acknowledges that it is generally familiar with the nature of the Internet and proposed uses thereof.

Azpire.com reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising and/or links to an advertiser's site on the Internet for any reason at any time, including without limitation as a result of links to other sites on the Internet including the advertiser's site.

Unless otherwise specifically agreed to by Azpire.com and the advertiser, no cash discounts, volume discounts or other discounted rates will be available.

Commission and Payment Terms: Advertising Agencies recognized by the publisher receive a commission of 15% of gross. If advertiser/agency is credit-approved, advertiser/agency agrees to remit payment for advertising on or before the end of the month following that in which advertising is published.

A 1.5% late charge will be assessed every 30 days past due. Agency discount applies to all charges. No other discounts or commissions apply.

 To request rates or find out more about advertising on Azpire.com write to advertising@azpire.com.









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