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About Azpire Incorporated

Azpire.com was created in February of 1999 to help categorize, display and make sense of the many websites that were in existence then.  Starting as only a portal to travel and outdoor recreation, azpire.com has grown into a website with more than 1200 pages featuring internet search, free email, news, chat and many other services.

Since 1999 the internet has grown tremendously and that is reflected in azpire.com. It is in our mission statement to remain current with the internet.


Azpire.com Directory


Thousands of new websites go live on the internet every month. Existing websites grow more complex and become more detailed. Some sites are very generic attracting you with catchy slogans or graphics while others contain more information than you will ever need. Azpire.com is here to make sense of it all.

The rising number of search engines and ways of categorizing websites and their content just add to the confusion. Using azpire.com, you will be able to find which websites are relevant to what you are looking for, rather than every page in a website that contains a related word or phrase.

In the azpire.com directory, the sites are selected and placed in the category only if the entire site is related to the category it is listed in. Websites are not placed into a category based upon their keywords, metatags or names. This is a more accurate way to list sites and allows for a brief description of the site to be displayed since the site was visited to determine it's inclusion in a category.

Azpire.com does not solely list sites which it has made any advertising or exchange agreement with. It is the mission of azpire.com to list all related and valid websites within each corresponding category. Azpire.com is only one institution with a limited number of resources and does not claim to contain all websites that are in existence. If you own a website and cannot find it listed in it's appropriate category, please got to the submission page for consideration.

Websites are chosen for the azpire.com directory if their content is solely related to the category it is in. Websites are not chosen if only one page of the site is related to the category, but rather the entire site is mainly focused on the  corresponding category. There may be exceptions where an extremely large site will contain a large amount of detailed data which then makes it a value to a web user looking for information in that category.

Websites are rated based upon their content, ease of use, availability, and overall value they provide to a internet user. The rating system is listed below. Ratings are updated on a regular basis and may change as a site may change or internet standards improve. If you disagree with a rating or would like to be involved in the rating of websites email info@azpire.com.

As the internet grows so does azpire.com. As sites are reviewed they will be added to the listings here at azpire.com.




The mission of azpire.com is to provide users of the internet a source of information and listings of information that is available to them through the internet. Azpire.com will attempt to organize and maintain current guides, current search results and a current portal to the internet.

Azpire.com will provide as many services as possible to enhance a internet user's experience that will not in any way degrade a user's experience.

The intent of this mission is to help users of the internet to find and share information that can be found on the internet.


How to use azpire.com


By selecting a category of interest and narrowing down on the sub categories listed within, information and websites that specialize in that topic can be viewed. On the top of every page is a search box that can be used to search azpire.com. By typing in a word or phrase, azpire.com can be searched and a list of pages where the search was found will be displayed.

Once a list of websites is displayed a user can click on a link provided and go to that website. If you would like to keep the azpire.com browser window open and allow the selected link to open in a new browser window, simply right click on the link and select 'Open in New Window'. If you have any problems using azpire.com, please email info@azpire.com.


Rating system


All sites listed in azpire.com are rated using *'s. The rating is for the site's ease of use, content and overall value it conveys to web users. The rating system is as follows:
* Don't go here - only if you must
** It's OK but try to use another
*** This is what is expected
**** Above expectations
***** Outstanding, deserves an award


Azpire.com was built and is maintained using NetObjects Fusion.








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